Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Why Do You Volunteer?

Why do people volunteer? When recruiting, what reasons do you give potential volunteers to convince them to work for your cause?

Keeping in mind the many reasons that different people volunteer can help you during the recruitment phase by tailoring your call to each individual volunteer.

I asked 25 different people why they volunteer and these are just some of their answers:

I like to help.
I appreciate being needed.
To keep busy.
It's given me new skills.
It helped me graduate high school, then I just continued.
My friend asked me to.
I feel it's my duty.
To gain professional experience.
I appreciate the cause I'm working for.
For escape from my everyday life.
Job experience.
I enjoy it.
To share my skills.
Because people need my help.
To get involved in my new community.
Because this agency needed change.
It helps me feel alive.
I wanted to make a difference.
I wanted to help.
I got guilted into it, turns out I love it.
To gain status in my professional community.
To network with a person I wanted to work with.
Because they asked me to.
Because I can't say no.
I feel I was made for service.
Because my grandma died of cancer.
To make my voice heard.
To learn new skills.
To set my skills learned in school to practise.
To challenge myself.
To change my community.
If I don't, who will?
Because I get back 10x more than I put in.
The Pay!
I was shy, now I'm not.
Because if I can help just one person, it'll make all the difference.
Because it's an honour.
Because I can.
It keeps me young.

Why do YOU volunteer?

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