Wednesday, November 28, 2012

LEGO needed urgently

KW Friends,

In the wee hours of the morning I met Ashley and her 2 sons, Daniel and Caleb. The 3 of them are fleeing from an abusive family relationship.

Daniel is 9 and severely autistic. Ashley says that they only thing that calms Daniel down is Lego, he plays with it constantly. As they were leaving last night, they didn't get any but the few pieces Daniel had in his backpack.

Daniel needs some Lego pieces to help him adjust to the big changes that are happening in his life. If 5 KW families can each donate a handful of lego, Daniel will have enough to help him through this transition and help him cope.

If you can donate a small amount of lego, please let me know. I can pick it up in KW this evening or can give you an address to drop off. Let's rally and help this boy with a rough life make this big change a little easier.



**this was pointed out to me and I thought I should clarify: Ashley, Caleb and Daniel are NOT this family's real names. Of course, it is a safety concern and these are the names they have chosen to use at this time.**


  1. Hi - I got this link through a friend's FB post; I have a small tub of Lego I would love to donate (tub and all). I live in south Kitchener and work in north Waterloo, so delivering at lunch or afterward is no problem. Just let me know where.


    1. Karen, thank you so much for your donation, I'm sorry I wasn't here to meet you. The bin is awesome, what a great place to store all the lego donated for Daniel!

  2. We at Hogg Mechanical HVAC were so happy to donate some lego for this loving family in a time of desperation. Thank you Melissa for bringing this to our attention! If there is any other way we can help out please let us know!

    I hope this brings a smile to little Daniels face!

    Kindest regards,
    your friends at Hogg

    1. Jr and friends at Hogg,
      It truly wowed me that you guys went above and beyond participating in this lego drive. From the bottom of my heart (and once he sees it, I'm sure from Daniel's heart as well) thank you so very much. The way our community came together today for this kid is ASTOUNDING!