Friday, November 30, 2012

Thank You KW

"Leaving him right before Christmas is the toughest thing I've ever done. 
I never felt quite at home in KW but as my boys and I start our new life together, we'll always have the best memories of this city and how people came together for someone they didn't know to help make this life change easier for us. Thank you so much!" 
- Ashley

Dear KW,

Every time I've used my social networks to ask for something, whether it was winter coats, clothes, toys or money to help those in need, you've come through in spectacular fashion. Last year it was evident as you helped put on the best Christmas party ever for the teens from ROOF, as you donated 1000 pairs of socks towards street outreach and with the 160 bags of used clothing you donated for the FoodLove clothing closet.

I often get notes of thanks and encouragement, folks telling me what a great job I do, and I appreciate those notes so much BUT I do have to remind people every day,

I'm only the organizer of the stuff. 
It's the people around me who are giving that make what I do possible.

You all are amazing.

Two days ago I asked for 5 handfuls of lego for a boy in need. 2 bins full of lego plus gift cards, clothing, dinky cars, colouring books, candy, books and other toys are what ended up in my living room. When I met with the family on Wednesday night, they were overwhelmed. Today, they don't know that I'll be coming back with more.

To Jacki, Wes, Gillian, Daisy, JR, Hogg Mechanical, The Printing Place and Dr. Snyder's office... To Karen, Jane, Michelle, Britney, Dr. Sears, Marilyn, Sandy and Pat... To Carla, Mr. W, Grapesavers, Candice and Joel...


for your donations. And thank you to everyone who retweeted, posted on their facebook pages and asked friends for help. We have come together and made a significant difference in the life of a family who doesn't know what their future holds.

This is why I do what I do. To be changing lives and to be surrounded by such a warm, giving community... it's the best thing a girl could ask for.

Thank you all for helping me, help others. 
I couldn't do it without you.


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