Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Being Human

One of the things I love most about inspiration events is that they remind you that you don't need to do something huge to make  change in the world.

It's important to end worldwide hunger, there is more than enough food on our beautiful green Earth to sustain us all. It's important to send children to schools, to house the homeless and love the unloved. You know what else is important? Being human.

Being human is more than just existing as a species. Being human is acting respectfully towards your fellow humans. It's opening doors, saying "please" and "thank you" on a regular basis. It's making eye contact with your bank teller, Tim Hortons server or fellow walker on the street. Another part of being a good human is taking time to recognize other people for the things you admire about them. I'm a firm believer of writing letters and notes to people who make my days brighter. Every Thursday I sit down and take some time to acknowledge the impact they have made on my life.

When I received this last week, it reminded me that sending a kind word, encouragement or a smile in the direction of another person makes change in the world. After all, if we're all a little happier we'll be much more prepared to go out and make bigger changes in the world.

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