Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We need your summer clothes!

We've finally reached a (fairly) consistent +10° in Waterloo Region, hallelujah!

After a long winter gratefully accepting your preowned winter coats and other cold weather gear, FoodLove is now ready to switch gears and start begging asking for your preowned summer gear.

While we have some clothes left from last year, our summer wardrobe is looking a little bare, especially in the kids area.

We are currently in need of lighter clothing for kids (and adults!) of all ages but especially ranging from kid sizes 4 (m/f) to size 10 (m/f).

You know it's time to clean out those drawers so why not give us a call or email us at foodlovekw@gmail.com to arrange for a pickup of clothes that'll make a huge difference to a local family this summer!

** All clothing from the FoodLove Clothing Closet is provided free of charge to area families and shelters in need. To find out more about FoodLove and our services, please visit our website. Thank you for your consistent generosity Waterloo Region, we are proud to make your random acts of kindness come together to make a big impact!


  1. Thanks for sharing. I've got a ton of stuff that can be recycled.

  2. We'd be more than happy to take old clothes off your hands once ou get your closets cleaned out!