Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Meet the new FoodLove KW team!

What exciting news I have to share today! Last summer, I started approaching some amazing local folks  about joining the yet to be formed FoodLove executive committee. With FoodLove growing larger and even bigger plans in the works, it was definitely time to have some people dedicated to backing me up and helping me make some important decisions.

This January, Kari Thompson and Greg Huber joined the team. Kari is a lifelong friend of mine who works in the not for profit sector and Greg is a new friend, a tradesperson who's ready to lend us (me) his considerable business sense and bring FoodLove to new heights.

Both Kari and Greg started tweeting from the FoodLove twitter account over a month ago and are putting in big hours building our new and improved clothing closet, a financial plan and just a wee bit more structure to my little ragtag operation. Please join me in sharing a big group hug with these new folks and saying THANK YOU, for helping FoodLove become a force to be reckoned with in KW!

Much Love, 


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