Monday, October 22, 2012

Excuse me SIr, can you spare some (virtual) change?

ChangeIt® is revolutionizing the way we donate to charity. 

When I came across this company a few weeks ago I immediately knew that I had to contact the company and learn more.

Dave Beaton was pumping gas one day and watched another customer slowly pumping gas to get up to the nearest dollar, much like most of us do. The thing that struck him as odd was that the customer was paying with a credit card, surely it didn't matter if his bill wasn't an even number. And so, the idea of ChangeIt® was born.

ChangeIt® allows you to donate to charity on a daily basis, in small increments that you likely won't ever miss. Go to the grocery store and spend $14.89 and ChangeIt® will round your purchase up to the nearest dollar. While 11 cents may not be much, add those small amounts up over a month and you'll be making big changes to the charities you choose.

These are just a few of the hundreds of charities already on board!

So each month, your Virtual Change® from all your debit purchases gets added up and just one monthly charge is debited from your account. The money is filtered through ChangeIt® to your chosen charities (the full amount you donated) and later, the charity pays ChangeIt® a small 6.9% administrative fee. That's it!

ChangeIt® is currently working with all five major banks and hopes to have them all on board as soon as possible so that all Canadian citizens can start participating. There are a number of credit unions across the country already participating, check here to see if you're already eligible to start using ChangeIt® and changing the way we give.

ChangeIt® is a Waterloo Region start up with huge potential... to make good for their own company and to change the world. How many start ups can claim that? I'm excited to watch this company grow and to see all of you realize how simple giving can really be...

We all have the power to ChangeIt®!

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