Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Wager

So yes, I am a *little* competitive. Last year, the bet was about the charity. This year, it's all about saving my name and proving Ange WRONG.

So we upped the ante a little this year. WHEN I WIN, Ange will don the dreaded bunny costume and hand out cookies in Uptown Waterloo for 2 hours. In addition, that $200 from last year... it's been upped to $250 and it'll all be mine (plus the $250 for the charity). SWEET SWEET REVENGE.

IF, the Earth's axis suddenly shifted while I was walking down the street and a chicken wing flew into my mouth (which, be honest, could NEVER possibly happen) this girl will be forced to wear a UNITARD (yes, a là Big Brother) for a week. I'd be worried about having to attend church and business meetings and karaoke and cake deliveries in a UNITARD because if you've ever seen me, I'm pretty sure I don't have the right body type for a unitard BUT as stated before, the chances of this happening are about 6 BILLION to 1, so I am riduculously confident that the unitard will not happen.

But ya know, just in case, if you see me this week, please don't throw any chicken wings at me. I'm not sure I could overcome the temptation.

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