Friday, February 17, 2012

The Results

I starved. I may have blacked out a time or two. The 14 lbs I lost actually felt like 50. But in the end, I conquered.

12 days of raw food. That means no bread or crackers, no cookies or cake, basically no meat and definitely no eggs.

It sucked.

By day 3 on, I had a headache that wouldn't go away. In the pre-noon hours I was nervous and jittery. My hands would shake, my temper was shirt and I felt like sleeping all the time. On day 7 something miraculous happened. I had "run a marathon" kind of energy. I was jumping around, jittery in a completely different kind of way if i didn't diffuse some of it.

So was the raw food diet wager a success? Well I won the bet. That means I pick this years charity, $250 ponied up by my friends comes to me AND Ange will be wearing (*amended from earlier in the bet*) a cookie costume while handing out cookies in Waterloo Town Square in the spring. It was a VERY successful wager.

I'm glad I did it (and succeeded) this year. I'm happy to have earned the honour of naming the charity, I'm happy to say I'll be donating half of my winnings to the charity (which I haven't decided on yet), I'm HAPPY I lost 14 lbs and the fact that my friend will be all shades of red wearing that costume? That's just a bonus.

Stayed tuned next January for the reveal of Hardcore Friendship Battle Part 3, I'm going to do my best to make my friends lives miserable for 2 weeks.

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