Sunday, September 4, 2011

These Foolish Games

This is a copy of my facebook rant about the silly breast cancer game going around:

Your "naughty" status, pretending to be pregnant and craving something, is NOT doing anything about raising awareness of breast cancer. It's a game that makes you giggle because you wonder how many people will catch on to it or how many people you will trick. How about taking a moment to feel for the friends you have who cannot get pregnant or who have become infertile BECAUSE of their cancer treatments and go do something that'll really help the cause like donating money to Run for the Cure.

Thankfully, it got some discussion going and hopefully opened a few peoples eyes about why these games are not helping the cause and helping to find a cure for breast cancer. In the process, it's hurting many women who couldn't get pregnant and confusing people who are mistakenly thinking these pregnancy statuses are real.

Let's find a REAL way to kick cancer's butt.

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