Monday, September 19, 2011

Daycare Dilemma Solved!

Since my oldest son started back to kindergarten last week his little brother has had a hard time being dropped off at daycare for his 2 days a week. It has hit me pretty hard because my kids have always been the ones who never looked back, never cried and never said goodbye. So I've been guilting myself about leaving the kid when technically I'm at home, and the drop offs have been getting harder and harder. Until last night.

I was making the boys school lunch and my little guy came down and asked for a lunchbox too. So he hopped up to the table and we packed a lunch for him. This morning the kid was so darn excited to grab his lunchbox and show his babysitter that he didn't even think twice when I said goodbye and walked out the door.

So there I go, yet another parenting dilemma solved in my house. Now if only they all could be solved with a Toy Story lunchbox.

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