Thursday, August 4, 2011

Success Breeds Success

Do you dream of being successful?

There's a saying "Success breeds success." Success breeding success is evident when you look at Ivanka and Donald Trump. What better opportunities could a girl have had then to have a wildly successful businessman for a father? She had the privilege of going to the best schools and being mentored by some of the best brains in the business world. Now, Ivanka is also incredibly smart, talented and driven, but would she have fared as well in this world had her father not been who he is?

The good news is, there is hope for all of us who don't have Donald Trump as a father, who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, who didn't go to college or even finish high school and that is this... the success breeds success expression doesn't apply only to genetic relationships. What I'm saying is, you don't have to have a rich daddy, fancy education or anything else like that to be successful, you only have to surround yourself with successful people.

Think of success building like a pyramid scheme. You have two friends who are successful in what they do. Because of their motivation, you set a goal and achieve it. Because you have achieved a goal, there is now someone else who looks at you as being successful. Because of you motivating them, they achieve their goal and become success mentors to someone else and on and on.

So where do you find successful people? Well, it kinda depends on what kind of success you are looking to achieve. For me, success is being able to wake up in the morning answering only to myself as a boss. It means never having to worry about whether my family will have enough to eat or not. I'm a simple girl. I'm not looking to be the next Food Network Chef or the next Oprah cooking guru, I just want to do well for my family and the people in my community. Where are your success dreams going to take you?

Tonight, my success dreams will be taking me to the #140ConfONT tweet-up at the Galt Country Club in Cambridge. Tonight, I will be surrounded by people who are so successful I would be happy if I only achieved 1/10 of what they have done.

Tonight, I'm going to continue building my part in the success pyramid scheme.

Are you ready to take charge, get inspired, get ahead and get going? Come join us tonight for some energy building and then again on September 15 as the 140 Characters Conference makes its way to Canada for the very first time.

It's time for you to realize your dreams.

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  1. P.S. Oprah and Food Network.... if you REALLY need me, I will probably answer my phone ;)