Monday, February 4, 2013

Remembering Kelsey

Last week I had a morning I wasn't expecting. I woke up in the morning, ready to start my day and quickly learned that the body of a murdered young woman had a name... and it was a name I knew. And loved.

Kelsey Felker was a beautiful girl, inside and out. I first met her through running the FoodLove clothing closet and over time, she became a donor as well as a recipient. I've watched her give food to others when she didn't have enough of her own, I've watched her shake as she tried to give up the drugs she was so dependant on and I've hugged her as she sobbed over a life she thought she'd never have a chance to see.

Tonight, our community has the chance to come together and pay respect to a young woman who would have found another route in life, who would have made a real impact on Waterloo Region...

if only she had the chance

Whether you knew her or not, I implore everyone in KW to join us at 9 pm tonight, Kitchener City Hall to make a stand, show support and send this young woman a farewell befitting her generous and compassionate soul.

Kelsey Felker Memorial
Monday February 4, 2013
Kitchener City Hall
9 pm

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