Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The New HopeMob

If you've never heard of HopeMob, it's time to do a little googling.

It's like a flash mob, of the giving kind. It's crowd sourcing for community funds, but it's free. It's making a difference, right from your computer.

So HopeMob is re-launching on Friday with an entirely new platform, easier and better ways to give and more peace of mind for donors, knowing that their donation is going to a verified cause.  Basically... if the new Hope Mob was running a few days ago, FoodLove would be raising our funds for iPads for autism through there instead of through indiegogo.

But I digress.

HopeMob needs you. 1000 volunteers are needed to write and photograph stories, be fact checkers and follow up on stories after the funding stops. So go here, like right now, and take 2 minutes to sign up as a volunteer. You'll be making a difference and most times, you won't even need to leave your house.

HopeMob. It's all kinds of awesome.

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