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TK Azaglo - Believe In Us

Torwomenye Kwasi (TK) Azaglo believes that the journey to change begins at home. Although TK lives in Waterloo after attending Wilfred Laurier University, his true home is Ghana and from 5471 miles away, he is making change in his home country.

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In 2007, TK founded the Future of Africa club at Laurier, committed to raising awareness and extinguishing misconceptions about Africa.

In 2009, TZ and his Journey for Change team went to Uganda for 10 weeks. The mission was a complete success, with the team helping to build a poultry farm and internet cafe as well as running  gender empowerment and sports programs.

As the trip went on however, TK started to feel uneasy. The villagers in Arua were starting to ask when the team would return and TK didn't have an answer.

I failed because I had no plans to sustain these initiatives. - TK Azaglo

TK went back to the drawing board and put together some long term visions for the club. The Future of Africa club has now gained non-profit status and has opened a chapter at the University of Windsor.

The Journey for Change Service Learning Experience returned to Africa in both 2011 and 2012.

While we've talked on this blog a lot about charity starting at home, that doesn't mean I support doing good works only in Waterloo Region. Home is a different place for all of us and if your home is 5000 miles away and you have the means to make change, that's what you should do. TK is not only a role model to the Canadian students he's mentoring through the Journey for Change program but his fellow countrymen in Africa who are seeing the world through the eyes of TK and his teammates. What better example could the kids in Africa have than seeing TK leave home to pursue an education and then return to make change in his home country?

Torwomenye Kwasi Azaglo, you rock.

I believe the future of Africa lies in the hands of children and youth in Africa and we are committed to providing opportunities to encourage these children to dream beyond their realities. - TK Azaglo

*This is part 13 in a series of 15 blogs detailing the amazing projects presented in the world's first ever Ignite Charity: Waterloo. For more info on Ignite Charity visit and follow the conversation on twitter @IgniteCharity.

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