Monday, May 9, 2011

The Foraging Family

I love foraging. My grandpa always took me out to search for morels when I was a kid and now that I've grown up, my repertoire of edible wild food has increased dramatically.

This week my hubby found an incredible forest full of fiddleheads, and by golly, wouldn't it just be that fiddleheads are just about my favourite thing to forage! So off we went today with the kids, to start the tradition of using them as slave labor to pick our meals.
This is our secret spot.

The boys needed a helping hand across the river.

When we walked into the field, all we saw was this...
...and they were EVERYWHERE. Small patches, runts just starting and lots of gorgeous, unfurled ones. This is what gets a chef excited!

My littlest boy got right in the action, counting the fiddleheads as he picked them ever so gently. This kid is destined to be a foodie for sure!

Tomorrow, I head out on my own for some morels and the last of the wild leeks.

It's been a great start to summer for this foraging family.

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