Friday, April 8, 2011

Finding Appreciation

Because of my profession, I guess I've taken it for granted that I always have a professional dishwasher to help take care of the very large mess I create. And I do mean VERY large. I've never been a one-bowl kinda girl... why use one bowl when you can use six?

One of the causes of my very large mess problem is that I am a serious muti-tasker. When I'm in the kitchen I can have 5 or 6 things baking at a time and well, those things create dishes. When I'm baking at work, no problemo, I've got a person that's assigned to just doing dishes all night long but when I'm at home... well I can't afford to hire anyone and my kids are too small for slave labour so the mess often ends up in the hands of my darling hubby.

I usually don't think about this too much, I gotta admit. I leave the place a mess; run to work, a cooking party or cake delivery and when I return it's all shiny again. I notice he's done it, I appreciate him for it but gosh, it just never occurred to me that I haven't had dishpan hands myself in months.

Until this week... hanging up the phone I grinned at him and said "50 custom cookies and a 2-tier cake" and his reaction was on the side of muttering "well isn't that just (insert profanity here) great" while walking away.

So next week, I'm giving up my dream of buying a smartphone and I'm going shopping for a dishwasher, because in the end, if I didn't have him, we wouldn't have this business at all.

Plus, he's kinda cute.

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